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welcome to the koyama farm

We cultivate a peanut, a sweet potato, a persimmon, rice, a chestnut.

If you are interested in the Japanese country, do not you drop in?

You may see at a Japanese country life

We wait to meet you for pleasure.
Let's make a good memory together.

The news from koyama farm

Do you want some experience in Japanese culture?
Come to KOYAMA farm.
We will provide you with precious experience in Japanese culture.
There are two plans, PlanA and PlanB.

You can try gNagashi Somen (Eating flowing noodles).h
First, you go to a bamboo forest and cut a bamboo.
Then you make a course (channnel) in which noodles flow, using the bamboo you get.
We help you assembling the bamboo courses whenever you donft know how.
Of course you can eat noodles. Try and catch the flawing noodles with your chopsticks. Eating cold noodles on a hot summer day is great !!

Plan B is the textile experience.
You can make fabric goods of your choice, such as a wallet, coaster, poochcetc.
We teach how to make it. Let's create the only one fabric item in the world!

Donft miss it!





Number restriction

Because we work, please contact it on the telephone when you want to visit it.

I ask for a reservation.
Only I can speak English a little.
The phone number is 090-4847-7644.
shuji koyama